Signal Hill, highpoint of Arkansas

In November 2003 - shortly after I finished driving through the state and was safely in Texas - I immediately awarded Arkansas with my "Most Creepy and Corrupt State" award. But, it's not all bad and one of the highlights was Signal Hill, the highest point in the state at a whopping 2,753'. Pictured right is my bicycle at the sign marking the summit.

The peak is located in Mt. Magazine State Park. While it's actually not such a bad place, I do believe they're overselling it just a tad:

arkansas highpoint signal hill

Arkansas's newest state park is located in the Ozark National Forest high atop 2,753-foot Mount Magazine, the state's tallest mountain. The highest relief between the Rockies and the Appalachians, Mount Magazine offers vistas of broad river valleys, deep canyons and distant mountains...

Below is a picture of the view from the Park. Note that there is no view from the highpoint itself; it's just in a stand of trees. This shot was taken at the site of the old lodge.

In the park, Circle Road (most appropriate) runs around the high point, and a mile-long trail cuts across the circle road, heading to the highpoint and back to the other side of the circular road. There were signs saying no biking. I really should have just biked up the trail, but I wanted to be nice even though there was no one else around. I pushed the bike up to the highpoint, took the picture to the right, then pushed it back down to the road. Then, I biked along the road back to the car.

arkansas highpoint signal hill

There are more difficult ways to get there but I decided against them. You can take an 18 mile roundtrip hike to the HP (the Cove Lake trail), but you only gain 2000' along the way so that seems like it would be a bit monotonous. Apparently the endpoint of that trail is at a de facto parking lot of some kind, but other entry points are apparently at remote locations. I didn't want to come back and find that the locals had plundered my car. Also, there were afternoon thunderstorms expected.

There's also apparently hang gliding and rock climbing near the old lodge, but I didn't see any sign of anyone doing those activities on the weekday when I visited.


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35° 10' 0.12" N, 90° 6' 39.96" W
May 6, 2006 – 9:43pm