Mountain biking Little Santa Anita Canyon (Old Mount Wilson trail)

Here's video of me mountain biking the lower section of the Old Mount Wilson trail that runs through Little Santa Anita Canyon from the city of Sierra Madre to Mount Wilson.

Some people use a car shuttle to just do a downhill ride, which involves a lot of driving. Others start in Altadena, climb the Toll Road to Mt. Wilson, ride down this trail, and then bike along streets back to Altadena. I pushed/rode my bike up about a half a mile past First Water (about 2 miles and 1600' of gain) and then rode back the way I came.

There are a lot of hikers on this trail and there's also a lot of exposure, so be very careful. As you might guess from the video, I didn't try the switchback with the fence since it's a long way down. There are a few rock gardens, which also coincide with locations with steep drop-offs. I do part of a couple of these and then walk the rest. I'm going to guess that doing it that way makes this trail mid-intermediate; doing the whole thing probably makes it low advanced, but YMMV.

Rather than using a helmet cam like most others, I carried my camera around my neck on its strap. Then, I put a shirt with a hole in it over that, and put the camera lens through the hole. The shirt reduce somewhat the sideways movement of the camera. This is a step up from my past videos in which I simply held the camera in one hand and steered and braked with the other. In at least one recorded case (Cowles Mountain), that led to a spill.


United States
March 4, 2007 – 10:47am