Climbing Boulder's Third Flatiron

On September 4, 2003 I climbed the Third Flatiron outside Boulder, Colorado. This was my first "multi-pitch" climb [1].

This was definitely one of the highpoints of the trip. It was about a 5.4 to 5.6 difficulty, and it's generally considered a very good beginner's climb.

climbing third flatiron boulder colorado

I didn't take video of the event, but, as long as you can get past the guy staring into the camera at the beginning and the narration, this video shows what it looked like from up top:

[1] That means that the leader of the climb - not me - climbed up a bit, placed some protection, and then belayed me up. Then, using the protection I belayed the leader up the next "pitch". After he established another set of protection, I removed the protection where I was, and he belayed me up. That was repeated about eight or ten times.


United States
39° 59' 27.9708" N, 105° 17' 34.0512" W
April 9, 2007 – 1:14pm