Washington DC's National Mall

In October 2003 I rode about the National Mall area in Washington DC on my bike. I briefly stopped at the Washington Monument, but I didn't go inside for some forgotten reason. Perhaps it was too late, or perhaps it was closed that day, or perhaps it would have taken too long to undergo a background check. Then, I biked to the White House.

One of those walking slowly back and forth in front of George Bush's residence is a Dr. Choi (who is from the Philippines). I couldn't figure out exactly what message she was trying to communicate to Our Leader, but it had something to do with 9/11 not being terrorism and with Kim Dae Jung:

white house protester

On the ever-so-slightly coherent note, another protester of the general "peace" type was there working on his sign. He'd arrived late and frantically tried to come up with the perfect message, an attempt he sabotaged himself with a couple spelling errors before he finally got it right:

white house protest



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