Climbing Guadalupe Peak

Believe it or not, Texas is not completely flat. The "hill country" to the west of Austin leaves much to be desired from a topological standpoint: the hike with the greatest elevation gain in the whole Hill Country appears to be in Enchanted Rock State Park, and that only goes up a whopping 425'.... (read more)

May 6, 2006 – 9:43pm

If only White Mountain Peak was 100' lower...

White Mountain Peak is the highpoint of Mono County and the third-highest summit in California at 14,246'. It's also the easiest 14er in the state, but when I tried for it on August 7, 2005 I got to within about 100' of gain of the summit, and then turned around...... (read more)

May 6, 2006 – 9:43pm

Easy gift guide for backpackers

Buying a gift for a backpacker doesn't have to be difficult, but it might not turn out that well if you aren't familiar with the sport and what type of backpacking they engage in.... (read more)

September 3, 2009 – 7:59pm

Gifts for hikers

Here are some gift ideas for the hiker or backpacker in your life.... (read more)

November 24, 2006 – 1:44pm

White Mountain Peak 2006

Last year I tried for the summit of White Mountain Peak and was forced to turn back just shy of the summit due to a thunderstorm. However, at this year's open gate day the weather was much better and I managed to attain the summit of the easiest 14er in California.... (read more)

August 7, 2006 – 10:10pm