Biking into Canada

boundary between canada and us maine new brunswick

In October 2003 I visited the uppermost parts of Maine, searching for les filles francaises. My dreams weren't exactly fulfilled, but I did bike into Canada. It was just a short trip across a bridge, with interrogations by U.S. and Canadian customs going each way.

On the U.S. side is the small town of Madawaska, and on the other side is Edmunston, New Brunswick. On the U.S. side they mostly speak English and they also make fun of their Canuck cousins. On the Canadian side, everything's in French and they probably do something similar. However, I was eager to get back onto U.S. soil so I didn't tarry long.

Oddly enough, while there I ran into a group of Mormons looking for converts. Here's what a Canadian stop sign looks like:

canadian stop sign

Canada is truly like a different country.


Madawaska, ME 04756
United States
47° 21' 10.638" N, 68° 19' 54.6168" W
July 3, 2006 – 7:00pm