Machias Seal Island: Canada off U.S. soil!

Canada and the U.S. have a boundaries dispute involving a small island off the Maine coast, Machias Seal Island. It's home to Atlantic Puffins, two varities of Terns, and other types of birds. Tour operators take birders and others out to view the island, and while I didn't visit the island itself I did briefly stop in and chat with Barna Norton, former captain for Norton of Jonesport, Maine. He informed me that the island is actually American territory and my preliminary investigation reveals that to be the case: here, and a longer treatment is here.

You can see pictures of the birds here and here. Canada has been operating a lighthouse there for over 150 years; details on the structure itself here.

Most importantly, I urge everyone to contact Canada's PM here. Tell him: Canada off U.S. soil!


United States
44° 30' 10.0008" N, 67° 6' 10.0008" W
July 1, 2008 – 9:43pm