mountain biking

Cowles Mountain, San Diego's highest point

On July 5th, 2006 I biked (OK, mostly pushed) up the city of San Diego's highest point, Cowles Mountain (1591'). The peak is located near SDSU, and about 6 miles northeast of downtown. Directions are here.... (read more)

July 6, 2006 – 9:09pm

Mountain biking above Pasadena, California (video)

The following video was shot at a super-secret hiking trail high above Pasadena and/or Altadena outside Los Angeles (in the San Gabriel Mountains/Angeles National Forest).... (read more)

January 28, 2009 – 11:48pm

Olympics Mountain Biking: that's it? (Beijing 2008)

Mountain biking is a relatively recent addition to the summer Olympics, but their definition of the sport might differ from yours. It definitely differs from mine, since I mainly bike on hiking trails in the actual mountains and I've dragged the bike up to 10,064' (Mt. Baldy) and around 13,000' (White Mountain Peak).... (read more)

August 18, 2008 – 10:25pm

Mountain biking Little Santa Anita Canyon (Old Mount Wilson trail)

Here's video of me mountain biking the lower section of the Old Mount Wilson trail that runs through Little Santa Anita Canyon from the city of Sierra Madre to Mount Wilson.... (read more)

March 4, 2007 – 10:47am

Mountain biking Mt. Baldy

mount baldy mountain biking mt san antonio... (read more)

Yesterday I "mountain biked" to the summit of Mt. Baldy (10,064') outside Los Angeles. I took the ski lift up to the Notch (~7800') and "biked" (OK, mostly pushed) to the summit. Then, I "biked" (more biking and less pushing this time) back. A very short video of the expedition is available here or here.

June 18, 2006 – 7:36pm