Mountain biking Mt. Baldy

mount baldy mountain biking mt san antonio

Yesterday I "mountain biked" to the summit of Mt. Baldy (10,064') outside Los Angeles. I took the ski lift up to the Notch (~7800') and "biked" (OK, mostly pushed) to the summit. Then, I "biked" (more biking and less pushing this time) back. A very short video of the expedition is available here or here.

This route up Mount San Antonio (its real name) is heavily traveled and on the way up no less than eight people commended me on my courage. I told someone that I'd only seen one other person with a bike on this same trail.

Oddly enough, that very person I referred to passed me about a half an hour later.

While he definitely summitted a lot quicker, he's also a few years younger, he's much thinner, and unlike me he doesn't take his bike to the very top. Rather, he stashes the bike at the foot of the final loose slope to the top and carries only the front wheel up. Contrariwise, I carried/pushed mine all the way to the top, occasionally using it as a bit of a belay device: pick it up, plant it, then hike up to it and repeat. There were a few splotches of snow near the top, but I didn't try that trick through any of those.

Here's a shot of the Claremont area about 10,000' below:

mount baldy claremount san gabriel valley below

Many sections I eschewed on the way back, such as the rocky part in the foreground. I did do the rest of the trail in the shot however:

mount baldy mountain biking mt san antonio


United States
34° 17' 20.8644" N, 117° 38' 46.6944" W
June 18, 2006 – 7:36pm