Cheeseboro Mountain Biking

Earlier today I mountain biked in Cheeseboro Canyon, which is part of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. It's off the 101 freeway in Agoura, which is generally between Thousand Oaks and the western edge of the San Fernando Valley. I drove a lot of miles to get there, and going back isn't high on my list of priorities.

I biked up the Cheeseboro Canyon Trail, which becomes (or becomes the same as) the Sulpher Springs Trail, which comes to a major junction at Shepherd's Flat. I took the connector trail to the east a bit before it started going downhill and, rather than having to go down and then go back up, I decided to turn around.

All the trails I were on were gently rolling with just a little elevation change. The part of the Cheeseboro Canyon Trail before Sulpher Springs is easy. After that point it becomes a bit rougher, with some "intermediate" sections, such as quick, rocky descents into a few small streams. Going up I walked the bike through a few of those sections. Coming back was a bit better but I still got off in a few places.

While the green, gently rolling grasslands are attractive, there are a few aesthetic issues. First, while dodging rocks is considered part of the standard MTB canon, dodging the large numbers of very large piles left by horses is generally considered a negative. Then, there's the fact that Sulpher Springs is very aptly named, and I can still vaguely recall how about a half a mile of the trail smelled. And, due to a large fire last year, many of the trees there are little more than blackened branches. Some might consider that a bit spooky, especially in the part where the trail closes in a bit.

While it was a good workout (especially since I hadn't MTBed for a while), because of the aesthetic issues and the driving distance I'll probably look for closer trails.


United States
34° 8' 24" N, 118° 44' 24" W
May 6, 2006 – 9:43pm