Graceland, Memphis, the Graffiti Wall

I briefly visited Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, the former home of Elvis Presley. I didn't take the tour of the mansion or the plane, but I did watch the somewhat informative and entertaining video about Elvis' two planes which are on display there. It includes information on how they were moved there.

elvis graceland mansion memphis

There's also a graffiti wall outside where many visitors have signed their names. My camera's memory card apparently failed and the picture of my site's name on the wall didn't get recorded. However, here are some more Graceland photos.

elvis graceland graffiti wall memphis

There were apparently fans outside at all hours, and Elvis couldn't leave his house without an escort.

The Mud Run in Memphis was closed for the season, which was quite unfortunate. It supposedly has rocks - real, goshdarned rocks - that one can walk on. Other than that, Memphis is pretty flat. The "bluffs" between Memphis and the Mississippi are gently-sloped, but too overgrown to walk through without bathing in DEET first.

I decided to spend the night in Little Rock, which was a mistake. As of 9:30pm on a Sunday night, the sidewalks there had been rolled up and neatly stacked in preparation for the week to come. I really should have stayed in Memphis.


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February 10, 2007 – 1:58pm