Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah is a popular tourist destination that's in some ways like a very small version of the Grand Canyon. It consists of a rim at between about 8000' to 9000' in elevation with the canyon itself a garden of "hoodoos", multi-colored limestone spires. Unlike the GC, the canyon is only about a thousand feet deep. Hiking below the rim is allowed, but due to the elevation and the gain some of those are considered strenuous.

Visit date: August 29, 2003

bryce canyon park thunderclouds

Here are a couple hoodoos:

bryce canyon park spire

bryce canyon park hoodoo

As you can see, thunderstorms were on the horizon, and in fact there was lightning about twenty miles away:

bryce canyon park sky

bryce into the canyon park


United States
37° 38' 44.664" N, 112° 10' 13.836" W
August 10, 2008 – 12:10am